Seven Arrows Brewing Company

Seven Arrows Brewing Company


Aaron Allen, a Chemical Engineer and avid home brewer, Melissa Allen, with a love of customer service, always dreamed they would open up a brewery in their retiring years. Completing her MBA, Melissa developed a set of contacts that enabled her to shorten the timeline, bringing their dream to a closer reality. Aaron and Melissa made their dream come true with the brewery opening on New Year’s Eve in 2014!

Seven Arrows Brewing Company’s name was inspired by a Native American blessing. It references the creator, the earth, the four directions, and back to the creator. It all comes together with the logo of the compass rose signifying the four directions and the four main ingredients of beer. Seven Arrows Brewing Company’s hope is to provide high quality craft brewed beers to the Shenandoah Valley. Drawing on the experience and capability of the head brewer, Seven Arrows intends to provide consumers with quality products and a relaxed environment in which they can be enjoyed.

Contact Information:
Phone: 540-221-6968
Address: 2508 Jefferson Highway 1, Waynesboro, VA

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday: 4PM – 9PM
Tuesday: Closed
Friday/Saturday: 12PM – 11PM
Sunday: 12PM – 9PM