Virginia Distillery Company

Virginia Distillery Company

At Virginia Distillery Company, everything we’re not makes us everything we are. We go against the grain for something superior to the norm. Something worth savoring. Something to be proud of.

With an uncompromising attitude towards quality, we give rise to whisky that’s ours and ours alone. Born with ambition and defined by distinctions, it reflects the spirit of Dr. George G. Moore, the visionary behind Virginia Distillery Company. A man who went against the grain to plant his passion in a new world, and blazed the trail for a better one.

We carry George’s legacy forward by reinventing American Single Malt Whisky. Every barrel is a culmination of the world’s finest distilling, aged to perfection in the ideal climate of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. While inspired by time-honored traditions, we forge traditions of our own—making whisky more than what has been, while remaining true to ourselves and our home.

The result: a whisky that George would’ve been proud of.

Contact Information:
Phone: 434-285-2900
Address: 299 Eades Ln, Lovingston, VA 22949

Monday – Saturday: 11AM – 6PM
Sunday: 1PM – 6PM