The fruits of labor

Red wine lovers rejoice!  As we have already entered into this years harvest season, weather conditions since Spring have brought about a bumper crop of grapes for red wine varieties in Central Virginia. This years harvest is also taking place sooner than usual around the state due to warm weather early in the Spring which brought about early budding of vines.

While red wine fruit is enjoying a banner year for production, the same can not be said for the green grapes used in white wines.  Frost during the month of April bit many of the green grape vines locally, thus causing a significant reduction in fruit for white wines this season.

While winemakers across the region continue to monitor their vines to determine just the right time to harvest this years crop, now is a perfect time for you and your friends to enjoy the fruits of labor from harvests past by paying a visit to your local wineries!  As you enjoy the wonderful flavor of your favorite wine variety, remember the hard work and planning that went into the season of your particular vintage.  And if you get a chance to witness some of the harvesting process this year, put it into your memory banks so you will recall it in future years when enjoying a bottle of 2017!

As you plan your next winery tour, consider Top Shelf Transportation to guide you comfortably and safely on the trail.  We offer tours that take you to the exact wineries you want to visit, not a set list of destinations.  Want to throw in a stop to a brewery, cidery or distillery?  No problem!  We can also help you with your tour stop plans depending on your desires for your tour.  Whether it’s variety of wines or spirits offered, scenery or location, we have the expertise to help you plan a perfect day on the Monticello Wine Trail. Give us a call today!

See you on the Trail!